Oak Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation, legally registered in Ghana in 2014. Our focus is to tackle to the root cause of gender inequality through education, professional development and entrepreneurship. We do this through mentoring and skills training. Oak currently mentors Girls from 11 senior high schools/ secondary schools in Ghana with an average membership of 200 girls in each school, in total we have 2500 mentees. We focus on girls from underprivileged communities.
Our vision is to be the largest NGO in Ghana sponsoring girls in education professional development and entrepreneurship and our mission is to make highly educated and professionals of young girls in Ghana.
OAK Foundation establishes PAMGAD Clubs in Senior High Schools located in high-risk communities, thus communities with high rates of female school dropouts. Our activities include mentoring, skills training (including computer skills), leadership training, scholarships, extra tuition and other academic support services for young girls to enable them to stay in school
and perform well in their studies.
We do face a number of challenges in administering our programmes


Future Programmes
Our future programmes are focused on IT, how to train our students for the future of work and education.

The laptops will be used to train students in IT both during our mentoring sessions and by the school.
The school will also introduce IT lessons aimed at teaching students basic typing skills and office usage.

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