As a way of promoting the financial rights of young people, Oak Foundation and Greepec Consult in partnership organized a seminar at Knutsford University College on the theme: Take Part, Save Smart.

The Global Money Week is an annual program initiated by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), an Amsterdam-based non-profit organization. Founded in 2012, the Child and Youth Finance Movement aim to provide financial education and financial inclusion to 100 million children in 100 countries by 2015.

Tertiary students from Knutsford College and University of Ghana graced the occasion. Mr. Albert Elliason (Director of Suntrust Limited) and representative from Corporate Hills Investment Company introduced participants to entrepreneurship and benefits of financial investment. In all, the sessions represented a unique chance to simultaneously strengthen our organization’s connections with sector peers and take a leadership role in doing something truly good for young people.

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