Irene Adika

Miss Irene Adika is a 25 year old single lady residing in Teshie, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. She travelled to Lebanon with the hopes of seeking greener pastures nut due to instances of physical abuse and racism she suffered at the hands of her employers during her stay, she decided to return to Ghana. Upon her return, she started a petty trade in confectionaries, however, she was not earning enough from this trading activity to live on. A friend suggested contacting GIZ for assistance, through which she was referred to Oak Foundation.

Miss Irene joined a catering course at HODEM Vocational Institute funded by Oak Foundation and trained in various catering disciplines which included plating, baking, garnishing techniques, etc. To ensure the sustainability of enterprises, the OAK-YEIP team organised a one-week Enterprise Set-Up and Management Skills training workshop at the Knutsford University College. Irene expressed gratitude for being included in the program. She learned good customer service skills, enabling her to maintain and enlarge her customer base. Upon completion, she received mentorship advisory services on starting and managing an enterprise from her vocation trainer. Her starter pack, which included a gas burner, an oven, and a cake mixer, was given to her by OAK Foundation.


Miss Adika expressed excitement about receiving training and her starter pack and was eager to start her enterprise. She further advised that anyone keen to travel outside should consider the untapped opportunities in the country. She explained how travelling abroad doesn't guarantee success and that most migrants face untold struggles. After graduating and receiving her starter pack from OAK Foundation, she took a loan of GHC 310 from her sister to start small business. In late August, Irene started her business with "Buff-Loaf" – a West-African doughnut, meat pies, cakes and biscuits. She engages door-to-door sale of her products in the neighbourhood and its surrounding areas. Currently, she produces pastries on order basis and markets it on social media. Her catering business generates profit between GHC50 – GHC80 weekly. Miss Irene Adika expressed that though she was making profits, it was difficult for her to save because she had to support her 4-member household with the same profits. She therefore indicated that she would be grateful to be assisted with a shop, materials like flour, margarine, sugar and other ingredients. She also said an increase in her working capital would help her expand her business and make more profit.