The sustainable agriculture projects are implemented through OAK farms in Accra, Ejura and Takoradi.
Oak has been growing cereals to contribute to food production in Ghana. Oak trains youth and young people to produce crops and animals through programs such as Graduate in Agribusiness, Youth Enterprise Incubator Project, AgriTrak etc. OAK Foundation uses its farm as a pilot farm to train people in food production. OAK Foundation has partnered with other institutions such as the Livestock and Poultry Research Centre (LIPREC) of the University of Ghana and Interplast to train people in agriculture on their demonstration farms.

Green Agriculture

Youth Enterprises Incubation - Agribusiness Component.

Our Green Agriculture projects have provided skills development and support for youth to set up agribusiness enterprises in the crop, livestock, and aquaculture.
Our projects have also supported smallholder/women farmers in rural parts of Ghana. Areas of focus include climate-change adaptability, Sustainable agricultural practices, Basic value addition, etc. We have also provided business skills training and mentoring (Using the GmBS Models).



Aims to provide current and prospective agric-preneurs, and farm managers with alternative study models for farm set-up and management.
It provides a training center for skills training in:
- Climate-change adaptability in agriculture for small-holder farmers.
- Sustainable agricultural practices training

Incubation of youth enterprises in:
- Agricultural mechanisation solutions to minimise resource wastage and increase productivity
- Value addition to agricultural produce to prevent post-harvest losses.
- Application of technology to drive /support the agriculture value chain.
- Innovative & Inclusive business models that address challenges involved in farm–fork value chains.

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