Mohammed Abubakari

Mohammed Abubakari is a married young man who was unemployed prior to becoming a beneficiary of the OAK Youth Enterprise Incubator Project. He indicates that life as a farm hand on other people's farms was tough and earned him little income, which could barely provide for his family's needs.

After being selected as a project beneficiary, he participated in the Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurship Skills Seminars. He said it had improved his financial management skills, as he can now invest his profits from sales of products into other businesses. After the workshops, Mohammed enrolled on the University of Ghana Livestock and Poultry Research Centre to train in crop production, funded by OAK Foundation. According to Mohammed, training was excellent and broadened his knowledge in new crop production technologies, which helped increase productivity. After training, he specialised in cereal production. He practices mixed cropping to increase his profit margins, enabling him to produce various crops throughout the year. He received a starter kit which included a motorbike, tarpaulin, spray machine and a set of farm inputs. His farm is located in Sunkwae, a suburb of Ejura in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Mohammed harvested 2.4 tons of maize, equivalent to 48 bags, from his farms after training and 1.4 tons of beans between March and August on 7acres of land. Mohammed makes bountiful harvests as he applies the principles he learnt from the farm management course during his training. He currently makes a minimum amount of GHC 600 weekly and has employed two farm hands on his farm. Through his training in financial management, He has found a location to set up his Argo input shop funded by the proceeds from his farm.